DOGEX is an Ethereum and BSC compatible smart contract platform build on the parachain of polkadot utilizing Dogecoin as the governance coin and gas fees.

How Does It Works?

DOGEXSPACE is a smart contract platform just like Ethereum and BSC but with cheaper gas and faster transaction speed.

$Doge coin was initially started in year 2013 as a joke with no fundamentals and active development , but due to the MEME effect , vast supply and low unit price has made it to be the most adopted cryptocurrency . It also always been the best on attracting the public to adopt cryptocurrency no matter they are in because of the extreme price volatility of $DOGE or just want to have a part in the first ever ‘money’ with a jerky Shiba as logo


$Doge and $DogeX will be our blockchain native coin that are used for


All transactions on DogeXSpace are paid with $Doge or $DogeX.


$Doge and $DogeX holders can participate in on-chain weighted voting and governance.


Guaranteed free allocation of DXS-20 token of all DAPP projects built on DOGEXSPACE blockchain.

Bringing $Doge to the next level
Dogecoin 2.0

As of April 2021 , $Doge has achieved a marketcap of 50 Billion USD,  surpassing companies like FORD.

It has also has the largest and craziest community among cryptocurrencies .

However , $Doge has always been accused of lacking intrinsic value , deprecated by all the economist calling it ‘USELESS’ coin .

Here, we are a group of Dogecoin extremist , we faithfully believe that $Doge is the best currency and would like to add more value to it , we have created a smart contract platform just like Ethereum and BSC but is cheaper , faster and it is Multi Chain/Cross Chain – able .

$Doge <=> $SDOGE Bridge

A bridge application that will allow $Doge holders to lock their $Doge and get newly minted $SDOGE , the native coin of DogeXSpace powered by REN dark node technology

Why $DogeX ?

A smart contract platform project that is faster and cheaper than Ethereum and BSC is no easy work , we need a new cryptocurrency that can reward serious and early contributors .

$DogeX has had the fairest launch ever and it inherits the vision of $Doge in being a 100% decentralized community-driven coin.

$ 10 k BUSD

Initial Marketcap

90 Billion DogeX

Uncapped Total Supply

$ 0 .0000001

Price per Dogex

100 %

Total DogeX open for sale

10 %

Tax upon sale

5 %

Burn Contract

5 %

Referral Competition Treasury


$Doge and $DogeX holders get to participate in the DogeXstronaut program by providing liquidity for at least 14 days

Guaranteed token purchase allocation + Guaranteed airdrop for projects that build on DOGEXSPACE and launch on DOGEXLauncher

Why DAPP would choose to build on DogeXSpace instead of other smart contract platforms ?

Average fees of $0.00005 on testnet


Average transaction time of 0.4 seconds


Help DAPP to expand their reach to market with multi chain/cross chain approach


Leveraging on the existing strong $Doge community


DAPP build on DogeXSpace gets to easily implement integration with other blockchain like Ethereum , BSC , Bitcoin , Cardano , etc.

DOGEX Roadmap

Website V1
April 2021
Hacken and Certik Audit
27 April 2021
Pre sale
27 April 2021
Pancake Swap Listing
28 April 2021
Website V2
May 2021
June 2021
DOGEX LP farm launching
Q3 2021
Referral Competition
Q3 2021
$SDOGE Bridge
Q4 2021
Q4 2021
Testnet Launch
Q1 2022
Mainnet Beta
Q2 2022
Mainnet Launching
Q2 2022
DOGEX token swap to DOGEXSPACE native coin
Q3 2022






Referral competition will be held weekly.
5% of the token sale tax will be channel to Referral Competition Treasury.
Winners of referral competition will get DOGEX reward from the Referral Competition Treasury.

Referral Competition Reward Pool

  • Top Contributor = 20%

    1st Rank

  • Contributor 1st Runner Up = 10%

    2nd Rank

  • Contributor 2nd Runner Up = 5%

    3rd Rank

  • Sharing for 4-10th Rank Contributor = 20% of RCTreasury

  • Sharing for 11-30th Rank Contributor = 20% of RCTreasury

  • Sharing for 31-100th Rank Contributor = 20% of RCTreasury

Rust Programming Language

Substrate Framework

Solidity Smart Contract

Web3 RPC Endpoints